Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soap Box

Went to Proctor CRCTs again today. Mrs. Fishers class missed me yesterday. I had an appointment with my Thyroid PA (Physicians Assistant). I found out my Synthroid (artificial thyroid hormone) dose affects my moods; hypothyroid (what I became when they burned off my thyroid with radiation) = depression, weight gain etc Hyperthyroid= an elevated mood (i.e. mania), anxiety etc. So this is another testament to the fact that I have a medical (not spiritual) condition! Not that I don’t often have a “spiritual condition” (I still sin- unfortunately) but when I do I go to Jesus in repentance and He takes care of it. I hate it--- I mean ABSOLUTELY HATE it when Christians say, “Oh God healed me and I don’t take medication (antidepressants) anymore” Like if I got right with God (like them) I could go off my antidepressants and mood stabilizers also. Don’t tie heavy burdens on people like that! I know people who have caused so much pain cause they insist there is nothing wrong with them and refuse treatment for their BiPolar and don’t want to take any medicine because they’re too proud to admit they have a problem, even when everyone around them knows they do! I spoke with a Christian artist who was at our church who gave a “testimony” about being diagnosed as Bipolar like his mother and then “being healed” and getting off his medications. Well, I had a little chat with him after and said, “OK it’s fine how you share your testimony but God doesn’t heal everyone the same way (I’m not saying that some people may be) and you could just add that you met a woman in Warner Robins Ga. who God healed through the use of medicine.” Unfortunately, I don’t think he took my words to heart. I , however, took his wink to mean: He may "come around" eventually!

I read in my “Letting God” when I was at school this morning. I think this goes right along with this:
“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32
Mark Twain said, ‘Tell the truth. It will confound your enemies and astound your friends.’ More than that, it will save your soul. Nothing is more important to recovery than honesty and the whole truth…..What we fear is not the truth but rejection. We fear the emptiness of abandonment. We are terrified that if we are discovered we will be deserted. Thank God, our Lord does not work that way. He knows us and embraces us anyways. Thank you Lord for loving me even though you know the truth about me. Amen. A. Philip Parham”

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